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You definitely want to move with your valuable items to your new home to feel cozy, comfortable, and warm as if you are in your old home. Before you can move your belongings from your old home to your new home, you will need first to pack them in an efficient and secure way to ensure their protection while on the move so as to avoid incurring other expenses on your already costly move.

With our room-by-room packing manual, you will be able to overcome this time-consuming and energy-demanding task. Continue reading to understand what items you have to pack in each room and how to pack them efficiently.

Room-by-Room Packing Checklist 2020

Firstly, there are rules that you must follow to make sure your packing task runs to completion smoothly to avoid common packing mistakes and enjoy the packing process following the packing techniques. Consider using the checklist below for your room-by-room packing:


This is one of the spaces in your home where the biggest challenges come from when packing your home for relocation. The kitchen contains oddly-shaped items, large appliances, fragile items, and other items of different sizes. There is a need for you to organize your kitchen contents before you start packing them. Follow below tips:

  • Defrost the refrigeratorThis should be done at least two days before your move.
  • Arrange dishesPacking dishes is not a difficult task when moving. Just ensure their safety by using bubble wrap and avoid over-packing moving boxes, as it will make it hard to move the boxes around. Any damage to a box could lead to losing a whole set of the plate.
  • Keep glasses in section boxesThis is the simplest and most secure way to transport them.
  • Pack small appliancesRemove any loose components or blades from the appliances. Attach the cord around the appliance and also any additional parts, including the user manual using tape.
  • Pack dry goods:Make sure you pack jars containing food or spices on the bottom of the boxes to avoid shifting during the move. Make sure you use wrap seasonings using bubble wrap.
  • Store refrigerated goods in coolers that contain ice.

Dining Room

A lot of time and care is required when packing a dining room as it contains fragile and costly items such as crystal, artwork, luxurious furniture, china, and so on. Follow below tips:

  • Roll up the rugKeep in plastic or tie with a rope.
  • Pack chairs: Remove the legs and pack them in a moving box while nails and casters are kept in a labeled plastic bag.
  • Secure kitchen tableWrap the table in a blanket and placed it in a location where it won’t shift around.
  • Pack decorations: Use bubble wrap to wrap any fragile items that ceramics, glass, and so on.

Living Room

This is the largest room in the house, and thus takes much time and energy to pack. That is why we take time to discuss it in detail. Follow below tips:

  • Secure electronics:Use a blanket to cover the screen of your computers and TVs and remove any base. Tape the screw removed from the base together with the base to the back of the TV.
  • Pack furnitureBefore you pack your moving boxes, make sure furniture is already loaded into the moving truck. For easy maneuvering of chairs and couch into your new home, be sure to remove their legs.
  • Organize electronic componentsThe power cables, the auxiliary audio cables, the HDMI, and remote control should be tape to each electric appliance.
  • Carefully handle your fragile itemsWrap them using bubble wrap of blankets.
  • Get your coffee table ready for the moveTo avoid scratching of the floors when moving your coffee table, place furniture sliders under the table’s legs. Make sure the top of the table is covered with a blanket to prevent scratching as well.
  • Remove bulbs and lampshadesStore them in well-cushioned boxes. Use bubble wrap to wrap the base of the lamp as it is fragile.
  • Pack your CDs, books, and DVDs in different boxes:Avoid over-packing boxes to avoid breaking.

 Garage and Storage Areas

Your tool shed, garage, attic, basement, and other storage areas of your home require energy to pack and organize them for moving. You may wish to make it the first places to pack for relocation. To pack these heavily loaded rooms, you need to do it earlier when you still have the energy to navigate through various items. The success of packing this room depends on the energy you put into it, so before you get overwhelmed with the entire packing process, pack these rooms first. Note that preparing storage areas for moving can be very difficult because of the different sizes and shapes of items in them. Follow below tips:

  • Pack lawn furniture cushionsPut them in trash bags.
  • Get rid of hazardous materialsWeed killer, paint, or fertilizers are all examples of hazardous materials that cannot be moved.
  • Pack toolsArrange them in a tool chest. Wrap items like a hammer or saw in towels before packing into boxes.
  • Drain all gas-using itemsMake sure you drain the gas in your grill or mower before you move. If your gas tank can be removed from the grill, then go ahead and empty it.
  • Deflate pool toysFor easy packing into the boxes.
  • Go with your bikeSafely transport your bike on a rack attached to your SUV or car.


This is one of the rooms that require careful packing, as it can be very tricky despite its small size. Follow these tips:

  • Pack toiletries togetherMake sure you can easily access them in your new home. The box containing your bathroom items is likely the first you unpack in your new home.
  • Organize towelsSoap, towels, toilet paper, and so on are to be packed in separate boxes for each bathroom in your home.


Packing your belongings for relocation requires much labor and time. You need to get help from people to assist you with this task. You can enlist the help of a reliable friend or share the job among family members. You may consider professional packing and moving company if you find this room-by-room packing guide overwhelming. The professional packers will help you handle the task efficiently and effectively without dropping a sweat. Your belongings will be packed safely with no damage coming to it all through the transportation. Contact Mover Van Lines professional packers to help you out.

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