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Most people have their dream fulfilled when they move to Las Vegas. Aside from the nightlife, luxurious hotels and casinos in this city, there are other varieties of things to enjoy. But how does it feel like to be a local in La Vegas? What are the things you need to know before moving to this desert oasis that prides itself as the “Sin City”?

There is a need for you to know much about your destination city before you start hunting for long-distance moving companies in Las Vegas. Continue reading to determine if relocating to Las Vegas is the right thing for you to do.

At a Glance

Las Vegas is one of the fastest developing cities in America, and it is a great place to play as well as live. Among the things to enjoy in Las Vegas are the legendary food and top entertainment. The cost of living in Las Vegas is also lower compared to that of other major cities in the country.

Below are some of the facts to know before you move to Las Vegas:

The People of Las Vegas

You may find Las Vegas slower in accepting you as one of them as it is a city with many temporary residents. It may take the people sometime before they finally know you are not going anywhere, and that is when they will start opening up to you. There are many benefits when you live in an area dominated by tourists. Las Vegas is your destination if you want to live in a city in America where you can interact with different people from different parts of the world. Las Vegas is a place where different types of people meet. This City will teach you how to expect the unexpected.


Be prepared for a very hot summer if you are planning to relocate to Nevada. The location of the city (in the Mojave Desert) makes it very hot during summers. It is advisable to stay indoor because these temperatures also go with dry air. Nights in Las Vegas can be very chilly when the sun goes down. Las Vegas is one of the cities in the United States that has more than 300 days of sunshine.

Job Market in Las Vegas

There are benefits and disadvantages when you live in a city that determines most of its revenue from tourism. The majority of the jobs in Las Vegas ether support the hospitality workers who attend to the tourists or the tourist industry itself. The most common work in Las Vegas includes hotels, casinos, and restaurant works. You may be subjected to job hunting before you can get yourself a job in another industry. A wise step here is to make sure you secure a job before you move to Las Vegas, or your finance is very robust. The average hourly rate in Las Vegas is $20.23 and is on the lower side to $23.23, which is the national hourly average.


Las Vegas can be so crowded. Tourists are always making crowds in the city due to the luxurious hotels, casinos, and bars. However, there are other parts in Las Vegas other than the hotels and casinos. You are most likely to live in the city’s suburbs (residential area) if you plan on relocating to Las Vegas. Most Las Vegas locals drive around the city from the suburbs, which are 40 minutes away to the city’s downtown. Moving from one location to another in Las Vegas in a car is very important, especially during hot summers. Don’t be afraid of traffic jams in Las Vegas as it is not common compared to big cities in the US, such as LA.

Improvements in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas in the 1950s is where everything was happening. The area then fell into poor condition when all the happenings shifted to the Strip. $350 million was spent on downtown Las Vegas by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of in 2012. The purpose of the project was to create a home for new businesses. The presence of Las Vegas Container Park, which provides a home for various types of businesses, makes the future of downtown Las Vegas looks brighter.

Las Vegas Average Living Cost

The neighborhood you live in Las Vegas will determine the cost of food, rent, gas, and other basic needs. Almost everything is expensive in The Strip as it is where many tourists from all around the world stay to enjoy different types of entertainment. Even Henderson, which is located in the outskirt of town, is more costly to live in comparison to living in North Las Vegas. As said earlier, where you stay will determine the cost of living in Las Vegas.

Moving to Las Vegas Is Affordable

If you are considering moving to Las Vegas, you have made a good choice. Living in Las Vegas is so affordable due to the availability of space and revenue coming in from the tourism industry, unlike the case in other big cities in the country. As said earlier, prices of homes are on the lower side, and there is no tax on state income. The cost of electricity in the city is also on the lower side compared to the national average. Taxes on properties are also affordable. Consider the low cost of living in Las Vegas when you are looking to take up a job there. Although the average wages in Las Vegas may be lower compared to other parts of the country, however, the lower cost of living will enable you to save some money even after paying your bills.

Hiring Professional Movers for your Relocation to Las Vegas

There are some things you need to arrange when planning to relocate to Las Vegas. You must first be aware that there will be a difference in the life you are used to and living in Las Vegas. Make sure you collect all the necessary information about the city before you relocate, using the type of your move and the distance involved as factors. After coming up with a moving plan, it is time to hire a professional moving company in Las Vegas.

Whether you are moving your home or business, a mover like Mover Van Lines will help you haul your possessions to your new destination. You will only give us the details of your move, and we will start our work based on the details you provide. We are also available for those who are already in the city but want to change homes. Mover Van Lines will help you haul all your moving boxes to your destination. We will also help you save time and energy all through the move.

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