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People that have spent most of their lives on the East Coast might find the culture in Los Angeles a bit strange. Although it is a big busy city, people there don’t look stressed or disturbed. West Coast Time is not just a time zone; it is a place to visit to enjoy true life entertainment. There are many things about living in the West Coast that you will love as well as some things you may not like.

Living in California, for example, is the dream of many people; we hope you find everything you’ve been hoping for there. But before you think of packing your loads, here is all you need to know to move to West Coast.

The West Coast is Beautiful

Among the natural places on the West Coast are the Mount Saint Helens National Monument, Yosemite National Park, and Sequoia National Park, and so on. When you visit, you can camp in a cabin or tent, and take long hikes. You can also drive through the Golden Rolling Hills of California as you pass through many coasts. You can even see them off to the east coast as you travel. Watching the sunset is the best to watch in any of our states on the beach. You will see the yellow sun as it lowers to the water and casts its beams towards the waves.

The color of the sky and clouds may turn to yellow or orange, sometimes purple, thus increasing in swirls, bunches, and streams. The sun then fades away. Locals of West Coast states may light bonfires in pits before sunset during the weekends on the beach, laughing, burning driftwood, talking, and smelling the ocean are few of the experiences you may come by.

Mild Weather

You may likely feel annoyance, fear, or anger if you’ve resided in the Northeast when someone mentioned “polar vortex” to your hearing. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about this as you’ve moved to another coast. Although there is also unfriendly weather on the West Coast, however, you have no cause to worry about any of polar vortexes and hurricanes. Your location on the West Coast will determine the type of whether you need to adjust to. You will experience beautiful but frigid snowfalls if you move from Florida to Oregon. You should prepare to adapt to a prolonged heat period if you move to California from Maine. Get ready to be shocked by the weather anywhere you moved to on the West Coast for at least the first week.

Job Prospects

West Coast job opportunities mostly come from technology. The companies listed below are probably what would come up in your list of largest and most successful companies:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Apple
  • Microsoft

All the companies listed above possess a reputation for creativity and innovation. They are all from the West Coast. There are also thousands of other established fastest-growing companies. Job opportunities on the West Coast are higher due to the presence of many big, successful companies. This gives them a lot of relaxation and security. Although there are people who are still unemployed, their occupational opportunity is good. If you have passion for tech-related job, come to West Coast.

Cost of Living

Your cost of living will either increase or decrease depending on where you are relocating. The cost of living in Los Angeles is around 43% compared to the national average, and this is because of housing prices. Your housing cost may reduce as well as your daily expenses moving from D.C to L.A or NYC to L.A. get ready to spend a whole lot on living cost (especially on housing, groceries, gas, and healthcare) if you are moving from a smaller city or town such as Philadelphia to Los Angeles.


Although you can find a lot of amazing pizza in NYC or other cities from the East Coast, however, they all get most of their produce from California. You will find fresh vegetables here at any time of the year. You will get ripe avocado from any grocery store, and you don’t necessarily need to make guacamole with it. You can enjoy it further by putting it on your turkey sandwich. Californians are the ones showing people how best to eat a steamed or boiled artichoke. California houses much Hispanic population from Mexico, so you can find varieties of Mexican foods there.


This is one of the key differences between New York City and Los Angeles. Driving is most common in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has public transportation, and their transits are one of the largest in the United States. The population of locals that commute with the public transport system is not much (7%) despite the plenty availability of public transit. The reason behind this is the time factor and crowding. The majority of residents in L.A prefer sitting in their vehicles instead of going with public transit.

Moving to West Coast – DIY Moves may not be possible

Those trying to reduce their moving cost can opt for DIY moves as it will save them a lot, especially when moving on a short distance. However, a DIY move is likely not possible when moving from one coast to another. You have to consider the time and energy required to drive a U-Haul moving truck from one part of the country to another. This can be simplified by just hiring a cross country mover like Mover Van Lines, and they will remove the moving stress off your neck. The drivers, long-distance moving experts, and movers from Mover Van Lines are all committed to moving you to your long-distance home without subjecting you to any form of stress.


You are making a massive change to your life when you move from the East Coast to the West Coast. There are many differences between the coasts, such as the lifestyle, the weather, and the traffic. You will settle into your new home and city within a short time when you keep an open mind. Remember, we are available for your West Coast moving services. Contact us now!

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